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As you must have noticed this blog is has been dead for close a year now, this is because I have been travelling on sabbatical since July and was wrapping up everything with work before that. I am now done with my sabbatical and will start posting again.

I will

Building a Wifi controlled LED Strip Controller


This is one of the projects I have been working on recently. I have been trying to create customizable lighting for my 3D Printer's enclosure.
To do this, I wanted something that could be controlled remotely, and most importantly controlled programmatically.
After alot of googling I could only find

Motors Part 2: Servo Motors


This is the long overdue second part of the Motor Series. In this post we will discuss Servo motors, which are great motors you want positional accuracy without sacrificing on the high current requirements of a stepper motor.


A Servo motor, while very much like a stepper motor(